Meet The Cast!

Name: Shirik
Age: 24
Species: Draguinea (dragon x guinea pig)
Occupation: Long suffering fast food slave

About: Cute, bouncy, fluffy - Shirik considers these her best qualities! Always on the look out for a cookie to nibble on or a new fuzzy thing to cuddle, Shirik goes out of her way to be as hyper as possible!



Name: Kitt
Age: 24
Species: Spidox (bat eared fox x spider)
Occupation: IT support drone

About: Despite his protests, Kitt is about as bizarre as his girlfriend - finding new ways to annoy and pester her every day. We all know it's just his own special way of showing he loves her though!



Name: Cafell
Age: 26
Species: (Moo) Cow
Occupation: Gaming extrodinaire! (ok, I lie.. she's a games store employee)

About: Cafell is a gaming addict... or rather she would be when she's not cleaning up after her housemates!



Name: Avy
Age: 25
Species: Arctic Wolf
Occupation: IT technician

About: One of the shyer members of the household, Avy does what he can to keep the peace. Despite an awkward first meeting with Cafell they've become firm friends - hopefully they'll be a strong enough team to counteract Kitt and Shirik's insanity!



Name: Scrat and Fizzgig AKA The Dooks!
Age: 5 months
Species: Ferret!
Occupation: Cute fluffballs

About: Cute, bouncy and hyper - the Dooks are always getting into mischief!